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Nelson Romero Metal Branding

Marketing Intelligence finds opportunities to truly differentiate your brand. Schedule A Free Consultation Today!

7 Tips for Writing Better Blogs

Anyone who’s takes classes like creative writing, electronic journalism, and business writing knows that you write for the audience.

S.E.O. – What is it good for?

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! If you have a website, you already know the value of S.E.O. or search engine optimization.

5 Ways to Increase Sales Using Videos

When technology keeps advancing and you don’t, you are being left behind.

Nelson Romero Chocolate Branding

An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.

5 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement

Technology has changed the way we do business completely. Not all for the better. Yes, tech has made it easier to take a product to market.

7 Ways to Capture More Leads Digitally

We often get so caught up in the excitement of the latest and greatest digital platform that we forget one thing: in the end, it’s all about making conversions for your business.

Digital Marketing Tools

I’m always on the lookout for useful new tools to make my digital marketing life easier. This week, I’ve rounded up three of my current favorites and explained how you can begin using them today.

Reading Your Analytics: What Do They Really Mean?

Reach, engagement, bounce rate, interactions… if you’re new to measuring analytics, the lingo itself can be enough to drive you away.

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