5 Ways to Increase Sales Using Videos

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When technology keeps advancing and you don’t, you are being left behind.

Don’t let technology leave you in the dust. Instead, put technology to work for you. Take a look at these 5 compelling reasons to incorporate videos into your website to encourage additional web traffic and engage users on your site.

1. Make Your Site More “You”

Videos allow you to take personalization to the next level on your website. They give you an opportunity to develop your brand and let customers get to know you. You can create the “voice” that goes with your brand and give users a chance to become even more loyal to your company and your brand.

2. Communicate More Effectively

Statistics show that users today read only 20 percent of all the words they say on a website or page. With a video, they are capturing over 90 percent of the information, depending on the length of the video. This is an incredible opportunity to ensure maximum time to tell them what you want them to hear. Videos allow you to capture a user’s attention quickly and communication much more effectively.

3. Even the Lazy Will Love you

Some users are simply too lazy to read, click around, or pay attention to what they see on your page. However, a video does the work for them! Even the lazy people will love your site because they just sit back and relax and your video does all the work.

Explainer Video Services from Nelson Romero on Vimeo.

4. Maximize Shares

The truth is that more shares equal more sales! Research shows that a person is much more likely to share a page with a video than they are to share a page of plain text. We all know that shares lead to more exposure and that added exposure can be a huge opportunity to increase your sales. Make the most of these potential sales and add captivating videos to your website.

5. Google

The goal of many website developers is to create a website that Google favors to increase the possibility of showing up on that popular first page of search results. One way to make sure you are in line for those top slots is to add video to your site. Google’s search results tend to favor website with video. Google knows that people are more interested in websites with videos and they want to show people what they want to see. Get on Google’s good side with engaging videos!

There are many creative ways to increase clicks through to your website. One of these strategies is through the use of video. A professional, compelling video adds a new dimension to your website and can increase your sales seamlessly. Contact us at 770-598-2871 to learn more about what we can do for you!

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