Cartoon Network

CLIENT: Cartoon Network
PROJECT: Promotional stickers and postcards.
ROLE: Art-Direction & Concept.

Legal Shield Virtual Set

CLIENT: Legal Shield.
PROJECT: Virtual set design for HD video projects.
ROLE: Design virtual 3D sets.

PROJECT: HD video for commercial in Times Square.
ROLE: Art-Direction & design.

Dr. Tango Trade Show Exhibit

CLIENT: Dr. Tango.
PROJECT: Quality trade show displays, portable exhibits and banner stands.
ROLE: Design and create exceptional trade show exhibits that communicates client’s message.

PROJECT: Cartoons for website.
ROLE: Design, illustration & concept.

StockTrak Trade Show Banners

CLIENT: StockTrak.
PROJECT: Trade Show Banners.
ROLE: Design.

MasterSuite Website Headers

CLIENT: MasterSuite
PROJECT: Headers for website.
ROLE: Design look and feel for website.

Ring Tones Website

CLIENT: Ring Tones.
PROJECT: Website and software design.
ROLE: Interactive Art-Direction, UI Design & Concept.

PowerPoint Deck

CLIENT: PowerPoint Deck
PROJECT: PowerPoint Deck Design.
ROLE: Art-Direction, UI Design & Concept.

Instant Collagen Peptides

CLIENT: Instant Collagen Peptides.
PROJECT: New product marketing for Amazon.
ROLE: Product design, development and marketing.

Starter Success Banners

CLIENT: Starter Success
PROJECT: Website Banners.
ROLE: Art-Direction & Concept.


PROJECT: Promotional T-Shirts.
ROLE: Design & Concept.

Miscellaneous Banners

CLIENT: Miscellaneous Banners
PROJECT: Various website banners.
ROLE: Interactive Art-Direction & Concept.

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