Macuch Photography

CLIENT: Macuch Photography – Antista Design
PROJECT: Marketing brochures for photography studio. Honorable Mention – PRINT Magazine.
ROLE: Brochure Design, pre-press and press supervision.

Turner Network Television

PROJECT: Affiliate magazine.
ROLE: Magazine design, photo retouching and pre-press operation.

Hirsch/Bedner Associates

CLIENT: Hirsch/Bedner Associates
PROJECT: Marketing brochures for hotels.
ROLE: Design layout and photography color correction and special effects.

Davidson College

CLIENT: Davidson College
PROJECT: Recruitment marketing collateral. PIAG – Print Excellence Award.
ROLE: Designer, photo color correction, typesetting, pre-press and post-press supervisor.

FishEye Media

CLIENT: FishEye Media
PROJECT: Marketing brochures for event promotions.
ROLE: Brochure design and photo retouching.

Tarkenton Financial

CLIENT: Tarkenton Financial
PROJECT: Marketing Flyers.
ROLE: Graphic design.

MasterSuite Press Kit

CLIENT: MasterSuite
PROJECT: MasterSuite press kits.
ROLE: Graphic design and pre-press.


CLIENT: Sensidyne
PROJECT: Marketing flyers.
ROLE: Graphic design.

Starter Success Brochure

CLIENT: Starter Success
PROJECT: Promotional product brochure.
ROLE: Graphic design and layout.

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