Branding & Graphic Design Solutions

My process carefully examines the 3Cs (company, competitors and clients) critical to your success and I create a strategy around the results. My corporate branding analysis takes a hard look at where your company is right now, what is or is not working and where you would like to be in 5-10 years.

By creating a competitive strategy canvas, I can then discover the best ways to leverage your strengths and capitalize on your competitors’ weaknesses to increase sales and maximize profitability.

Innovative brands that outperform your competition

Brand building is the goal of every company, and from the second a business is conceived entrepreneurs start to focus on naming their enterprise. True brand loyalty is not built by name alone. Good brands come from good ideas. I help people with good ideas turn them into lasting brands by focusing on brand design, brand development and helping my clients build brand equity. Brand strategy must be managed over time and I can help make sure that your company stays loyal to your brand promise.


I develop marketing and advertising strategies that meet the ever changing needs of our clients and the marketplaces they serve. My creative approach to market strategy combines a working knowledge of creative and new media methods with the more traditional elements of media planning. As the habits of consumers change I seek new ways of interacting with your customers.

Creative for Marketing & Advertising

I creatively come up with ways to deliver the message of your brand. While I start with brand identity, the end product is creative advertising strategies that can be used for your company, or your clients. I work with advertising firms, or directly with your company, to develop creative for marketing and advertising and then oversee its implementation through the entire creative process.

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