Custom Website Solutions

  • I’ve focused on helping companies and brands increase the value of their digital investments.
  • I ensure that your website or intranet is accessible, effective, and visually compelling – now and in the future.
  • The E-commerce services I offer, have helped many online merchants to realize the potential of their business, while at the same time improving visibility and how shoppers interact with the website.
  • My CMS Solutions make it so anyone in your organization can ensure your site is up to date when it matters.
  • The focus goes beyond just the visual and the functional. With web analytics, I engage with my clients to help them leverage current user behavior, trends and site performance, goal identification and measurement of success, system integration and implementation, reporting and ongoing adaptation.
  • Search is the root of the web. My experience in developing major campaigns and sites for clients allows me to apply a well planned strategy and strong understanding of search engine technology to every project.
  • Exceeding the expectations of the end user by creating mobile experiences that significantly enhance those of web sites and applications.

How I Do It

  • Visual Design: the overall artistic design of the website (the “look and feel”)
  • Branding: the incorporation of brand elements and adherence to style guide parameters
  • Interface Design: design of the user interface elements to facilitate user interaction with website functionality
  • Information Architecture: the structural design of the information space
  • Navigation Design: the interface elements that facilitate the user’s movement through the information architecture
  • Interaction Design: the design and development of functional flows that facilitate user tasks

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Quality assurance is an essential part of my business activity at the. Right from the conception of a project to its delivery, I strictly adhere to our time-tested procedures to ensure that all work is conducted in compliance with best practices and industry standards. I employ a series of technical methods and measures, conduct formal technical reviews, and perform planned software testing as part of our quality policy.

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